A Brief History

Bill Quay Albion Cricket Club is situated between Heworth and Hebburn and overlooks a now very quiet River Tyne. It was founded in 1866 making it one of the oldest Cricket Clubs in the North East. The Club has always played its cricket in Bill Quay, mainly on the present site beside Hall Terrace and in days gone by was only overlooked by houses away to the East having fields on two sides and the wagonway down to the coal staithes on the other. According to early records the ground was also used by a Football club. From its formation in 1866 Bill Quay played league cricket in Durham however the name of the original league is as yet unknown.


After a number of years of playing friendlies a proposal was put forward to a cricket meeting in 1947 that the Club again try league cricket and three years later in 1950 the Club joined the Tyne and District League where it remained for many years enjoying away trips by travelling on buses from The Haymarket and Marlbrough Crescent to destinations such as High Spen, Belsay, Clara Vale, Kirkley to name but few. On several occasions the game had to be finished by an agreed time to enable the Bill Quay players to catch the last bus back to Newcastle. Happy days!!


Eventually this league folded but many of the original Clubs are still playing today in the present Northumberland County League and Northumberland & Tyneside Senior League both of whom were expanding at this time. Eventually the Club were admitted to the North East Durham Cricket League where more friends were made. Several years later, Bill Quay decided to join the North West Durham League where they remained until a vacancy arose in the Durham Coast League.


They then continued in this league until the merger with the Durham Senior League and the Durham County League to form the Durham Cricket League. The Durham Cricket League operated as one division for it's first season in 2013, and was split into two divisions at the end of that season. Bill Quay found themselves in the second division, but gained automatic promotion at the first attempt in 2014 after narrowly finishing runners-up to Durham City.